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Are you a Large Group(50 or more) or Small Group(under 50)?          Lake Erie Sunset

Are you unsure how to count full time and part time employees?
Click on the tool below to determine if you are a Large or small (above or below 50 total employees)


Count your full time employees(over 30 hours as one each)
Take Part-time employees, take their aggregate number of hours for the month and divide by 120.
Example: 6 part time employees worked a total of 12 hours/day, 60 hours/week, 240 hours total for the month
   Take 240 divide by 120= 2 people (or 2 Full time employees
New fees:
    Approx 2.3% premium increase/month for Insurer Fee
    Approx $6 per member increase/month for Reinsurance Fee
Deductible Cap:
    $2000 Individual/$4000 Family
    Plans are capped at $6,250 single/$1,250 Family Out of Pocket
Preexisting condition exclusion removed
Guarantee Issue and Renewability:
    Insurers accept Individual, Small, Large Groups  to all approved market products
Employee Salary Contributions to FSA limited to $2500/Yr., indexed increases allowable in future
Employers provide written notice to current/new employees informing them of the exchange/circumstances
Community Rated - Individual and Small Groups-Age, Geography, Tobacco

Small Group Health Insurance Options:

Tax Credits for Small Business Employers

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